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Investor Contacts

Contact information of the designated officials of the Company who are responsible for assisting and handling investor grievances are given as under:

Company Secretary

The State Trading Corporation of India Limited
Board Secretariat and Parliament Division,
Jawahar Vyapar Bhawan, Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi-110 001.
Tel No : 23313177
Fax. : 23701098
Email ID.: cs@stclimited.co.in


Registrars & Share Transfer Agents

M/s. MCS Ltd. 

F-65, 1st Floor,
Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I,
New Delhi-110020
Tel. No. 91-11-41406149/50/51/52
Fax: 91-41-41709884.
Website: www.mcsdel.com
e-mail: admin@mcsdel.com


Contact Person:

Tel.: 41406149
Email: cshiren@mcsdel.com