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Welcome, Monday, Jun 24, 2024

Counter Trade & Offset

STC has been a nodal agency to monitor counter trade commitments arising out of purchases made by various departments of Govt. of India and has monitored such offset transactions worth over 1 billion USD in the last two decades.

The international partners with whom counter trade transactions were handled by STC in the past include Bofors, Boeing, British Aerospace, General Electronic, Pratt & Whitney etc.

Air India and Indian (Erstwhile Indian Airlines ) have entered into purchase agreements with the Boeing Company, USA, Airbus, France, General Electric Company, USA & CFM International, France for supply of 111 aircrafts/ engines.

These agreements have commitment from these overseas manufacturers to fulfil offset obligations/ counter trade programme to the extent of agreed percentages.

In line with this STC has entered into agreements with these companies for implementation and monitoring of such offset obligations/ counter trade programme.


A Web-based e-portal for online monitoring of the Offsets programme has been developed to digitalize the processes involved in counter-trade administration that were performed manually between STC & Offset Partner’s (Boeing, Airbus, CFM & GE).