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General Imports

STC has been importing various types of equipments / instruments on behalf of Central and State Government Departments and their entities has also been executing projects on turnkey basis.


Medical Equipments All requirements of Hospitals, Medical Colleges & their Laboratories.
Police / Security Equipments Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns,  Rifles ,Full range of Bomb Disposal Equipments & accessories, Explosive Detectors, Portable X-rays, Digital scan, Dust Enlarger, Bullet Proof Jackets, Helmets, Shields, Fire Arm Training Simulator,  Kits and equipments for Finger Print Bureau, etc. 
Intelligence/Surveillance Equipments All equipments required for anti-terrorist & smuggling operations, Bugging Devices, NLJD,  Counter Measure Devices 
Fire Fighting Equipments Hydraulic Platform & Turn Table Ladders, High Pressure Fire Pumps, Fire Suits, Breathing Apparatus, etc.
Avionics Helicopters, Planes & their Spare parts.
Laboratory  Equipments/ instruments All Instruments of Forensic Science Labs & Finger Print Bureaus required for Crime Research, Scanners, X-ray Equipments, Microscope Analyzers, Laser Systems, Video Cameras, Finger Print Identification Kits, XRD, etc.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, U.V. Spectrophotometer, Ion Selective Analyzer, Infrared Spectrophotometer, High power Liquid Chromatograph, High Power Thin Layer Chromatography, etc. Equipments for Physics, Biology, Ballistics, Chemistry, Documentation, Toxicology, DNA Labs and other Divisions.  
Tourism Equipments Rafts, Skiing & Mountaineering Equipments & Ski Lifts, Snow Grooming Machines, Ice Skating & Rink equipments viz., Ice Re-Surfacer, etc.
Sports Equipments Winter Sport Equipments and Gear,  Timing Equipments, Aquatic & Water Sports, Various Equipments for Muscle Durability, Agility, Flexibility Measurement, Sport Psychology, Sport Tester & Software etc. 
Snow Clearance equipments Various types of Snow Clearance Equipments viz. Snow Cutters, Snow Ploughs, etc. 
Agricultural Equipments All Equipments for Soil Testing Laboratories, Pesticide Testing and Fisheries (Fish Feed Mill Plants) ,   Equipments for Food Testing Laboratories, etc. 
Multimedia Equipments Digital Camcorders, Recorders, SLR Cameras, Video Editing Systems, Broadcasting Tools etc.

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Machineries Imported for Jammu & Kashmir

General Imports Products

A Snow Plough Imported by STC for Mechanical Engineering Department, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir clears a road after a heavy snowfall in Srinagar

General Imports Products

Snow Cutter & Blower Imported by STC for Mechanical Engineeering Department, Govt. of J & K in action in interior parts of Kashmir

Import of Arms for State Police Departments

General Imports Products

Scientific Equipments for Laboratories

General Imports Products